House of the Orchard

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The house of the Orchard in Pompeii is a domus characterised by the green of the wonderful frescoes thet decorate the bedrooms: 

lemons and strawberry trees, fruit plants, garden ornaments and a fig tree, with a snake  twisted around its trunk, as a symbol of prospery and wealth.

The house holds one of the most beatiful example examples of garden paiting found in the city. The reopening is scheduled for febrary 2020. Unlike other houses where gardenpainting was reserved only for the representative rooms, in this house some rooms are enriched, besides a lush green, by Egiptizing motifs with references to the goddess Isis, indicative of a devotion of the ower of the house to the Eastern World.

But the rooms are characterised also by pharaonic statues, relief of sacred bull Apis and Egiptian figures, hidrias and situlae mixing with vases-fountaines and squares with Dionysus.