The house of Leda and the Swan

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Walking along Via del Vesuvio, in the North direction, now it is possible to reach the House of Leda and the Swan, which has come to the light this year  

and it has neve been visited before. The House is named after the Wonderful fresco discovered in this magnificent building of the regio V and it came to the light during the securing works of the exavation in the area.

The choice of the classical myth of Leda and the Snan is not new in the decorations of the domus in the ancient city and means that the owers were person of wide culture whoselected specific themes for the rich wall decorations of their house.

The fresco is in a presumed bedroom, near a hallway decorated of with a depiction of Priapus with his phallus on a scale, similar to the one depicted in the House of Vettii.

The richness of the House had a continuity also in other precious frescoes, decorating a part of the atrium.