Pizza e cocktail, why not?

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Tasting a good pizza or going for aneasy-going  night over a cocktail? This may be an out-dated quandary by now,

especially because now it is easy to find often both of them during the clubbing night. 

Butsome years ago, someone goes before this trend, such as Varnelli Pizza Bistrot & Restaurant (in Via Plinio, Pompei).

Actually, since the opening, Varnelli has pointed right at this cool combination. Not by case, then, the gourmet pizzeria in via Plinio in Pompei celebrates the perfect match pizza-cocktail with a number of solutions, such as the cosy lounge bar.

Moreover, the combination pizza-cocktail is marked by the match of some original cocktails with the special pizzas or also the use of some of the ingredients of the most famous cocktails on the pizza.