Imperial Villa

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Villa Poppaea Sabina, in the name of second wife of Nero,  is part of Unesco' s intangible world heritage

 because of its luxurious residential structure and thermal baths-both full of frescos. It is the classical example of Otium Villa because it was built in order to take advantage of the healthy weather near coast which helped them reinforce their spirit and body.

The building is embellished by fantastic pictorial decoration in Pompeian style but also by white marble sculture in the garden or in the thermal baths.

In crassius Tertius Villa, a lot of amfhora, weights and furnishings were found; that's why they think this structure whas used as a store of the surrounding agricoltural products.

A part of the place was reserved for the dominus- the owner- as a huge number of frescos, jewerly and parts of more than 54 human bodies testify.