Pompeii welcomes Alberto Angela

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Pompeii is enriched by a new citizen. On 17 October 2018, the City Council conferred honorary citizenship on Alberto Angela

  who is paleontologist, writer and journalist as well as famous scientific popularizer in Italy. He confessed to love Pompeii in an extraordinary way because the archaeological site is a sort of mirror in which you find yourself reflected, comparing the present with the past.

Armed with patience, passion and curiosity Angela stirred, with his simple way of explaining things, the consciences of those who don’t love history and are reluctant to read books. He shared and put his knowledge at the disposal of others. Thanks to his words, the ruins become monuments and the frescos seem like moving and speaking. Walking through the streets of Pompeii, he silently imagined life as it was in the last days before the tragedy, showing maximum respect to the victims of the eruption of AD 79  and reminding  that the famous plaster casts are actually people  and not statues.