History of modern Pompeii

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Next to the ancient ruins, there is a modern Pompeii. A city more alive than ever which owes its foundation to an extraordinary man:

Bartolo Longo, founder and benefactor of the Shrine of the Virgin of the Rosary of Pompei and  named “blessed” by Pope John Paul II on 26 October 1980. Today the whole city recognizes in him the architect of the rebirth of Pompeii, a rise from the ancient ashes of the 79 AD eruption and from a moral and spiritual decadence. From 1872, as a matter of fact, the Blessed contributed converting the pagan valley "where idiots and demons were worshiped" into the Christian valley devoted to the Holy Rosary. All his life was dedicated to the popularization of the Rosary, inspired by his profound love for Our Lady.

The city remembers the date of his death every year on 5 October, with religious services which take place from the early hours of the morning. Celebrations are attended by the students of the primary and secondary school and continue with a procession which carries Blessed Bartolo Longo’s urn through the main streets of the city; the event ends with a pyrotechnic show donated by "Bartolo Longo’s friends" association as a sign of joy, in the square dedicated to him.