Petition to our Lady and Pompei in the world

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On 7 October 2018, the bishop will officiate the Petition to Our Lady of Pompeii, 

a loving prayer written by Bartolo Longo in 1883 for world peace and as an act of thanksgiving and devotion to the Virgin. To be recited twice a year, on 8 May and the first Sunday of October at noon, it attracts thousands of pilgrims gathering in the main square for the ceremony. 

It is a universal prayer for Italy, Europe and the whole world, that’s why it has been translated into dozens of languages. From New York to Buenos Aires, from Toronto to Sydney, from Johannesburg to Caracas, people from various places of the world assemble to recite the prayer together.

The devotion to Our Lady of Pompeii spread all over the world thanks to the emigrants, to whom Bartolo Longo donated Rosary books, paintings and pictures of the Virgin before they boarded at the port of Naples. In USA alone there are 10 churches dedicated to Our Lady of Pompeii, in New York, Chicago, Providence, Lancaster.