God's Path

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The legendary "God's Path" is extraordinary naturalistic itinerary, at about 500 meters upon sea level.


Vesuvius, the big cone

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Vesuvius dominates the beautiful gulf of Naples and it is the most know volcano in the wold which still attracts the mass media attention.


The tourist train

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Stop in Pompeii with Campania Express. This tourist fast trian connects Naples to Sorrento in less than an hour, coming across the coast 


garum, food of the ancient time

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The garum ia an ancient renowed tasty sauce, with a variable thickness, and was obtained by the maceratin of the entrails of several Mediterranean


The rose of Pompeii

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During the roman age, the essence of the rose of Pompeii was extracted and then transformed into a precious fragrance, 


Free archaeological walk

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Plan your archaeological walk in Pompeii. In addition to the first Sundays of the months from October to March


Lettere castle

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Until March, 16 2019, visitors to the Pompeii Excavations, in possession of a ticket, will be able to access, on the same day and free of charge,


Valentine's day

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If you still have doubts, do not hesitate and celebrate your Valentine's Day in Pompeii. There is an opportunity for every need.



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To you here in Pompeii, do not miss anything of our seductive Campania.  After having visited the remains of Roman civilization 


the bell tower of Pompeii

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Turists in Pompeii cannot renounce the truly magnificent panorama that can be admired from the bell tower of Pompeii, of the whole valley,